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A two-day training is to be conducted on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) specifically aiming towards parents of children having autism and ADHD in Peshawar. The use of ABA techniques and principles would enable the parents to bring about meaningful and positive change in behavior of their children. In Peshawar, the lack of expertise in this field and lack of professional support for the treatment of these children is something that is the main...
Date: Nov 29 2017 to Dec 1 2017 Deadline: Nov 25 2017 Duration: 3 days Trainer: Jawahar Alvi
A Registered Behavioral Technician (RBT) is certified by the Behavioral Analysts Certification Board (BACB) in USA to practice evidence based Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) principles and strategies for helping clients (esp. children) with developmental behavioral changes, under the close supervision of a BCBA or BCaBA. This 40-hour training fulfills the requirement to appear in the exam held worldwide by BACB, USA. It is to be conducted by...
Date: Dec 4 2017 to Dec 8 2017 Deadline: Dec 1 2017 Duration: 5 days Trainer: Jawahar Alvi

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Sayed Shafqat Ali is the owner and Managing Director of Resources Unlimited. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Pakistan. His further professional qualifications include a Post-graduate diploma in Islamic Banking from UK. He is also a Fellow Associate Member of the Institute of Islamic Banking & Insurance, London, UK... Read more

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December 3, 2017
Two-Day Intensive Training Program on ABA in Peshawar + Free Clinic for Children having Autism.
Special thanks to Ms. Jawahar Alvi (BCBA) for making it happen.
November 13, 2017
Resources Unlimited has signed a MoU with Ms. Jawahar Alvi of Chicago, USA. Ms.
November 13, 2017
Resources Unlimited has announced its training programs in ABA in collaboration with Ms. Jawahar Alvi, BCBA. There will be two training programs planned during November / December 2017.